Art, An Underrated Bliss

Art, An Underrated Bliss‘Art’ has had an active presence for thousands of years in our lives. Long ago, when the civilization had just begun, and we humans were trying still to figure this world out, communication was a very big challenge. There were still no languages, but the need to express was very dire. In a situation like this, man formed his own way of communicating, and that was through ‘Art.’ There have been many cave paintings whose existence has given the right reasons for our anthropologists to believe that of the many methods of communication that we humans adopted, the primitive form of communication was signs and paintings. Art is the instinctive form of communication for anybody who wishes to communicate nonverbally.

If there is somebody who recognizes art for its true worth, it is children. Children have an innate ability to appreciate and enjoy Art. Every child is an artist. Art enables a creator in every child. When a child is given a paint brush and an empty canvas, he knows that the world is at his behest. Anything can be created and it is all in his hands. The most pleasing sight would be to actually see the joy on their faces once they finish their work of art.

This ability to express so openly and try anything new makes art the best choice of a hobby for anybody. Children lack the conditioning of an adult, so they don’t really question everything with a why and a how. If you just make the endeavor interesting enough, every child will accept it without any prejudice.

Art is also not just an alternative way of expressing. Art enables various other skills in a child too. Through art, a child picks up on creativity, cognitive skills, emotional intelligence etc. Art is a training ground for a child to overcome a lot of fears, and learn to accept a lot of aspects of life. Once the child enters an art school, it is rest assured that the child’s personality would undergo a strong and individualistic transformation with high positivity. Complicated aspects in personality like decision making can be easily taught to the child with something as simple as what color scheme to use in his painting.

“The principles of true art are not to portray, but to evoke” was a famous quote by Jerzy Kosinski, and true to his words, Art contributes so much more to the mind than canvas. An artist in the process of learning the art also learns visualization, creative thinking, problem-solving, self-motivation, alternative forms of expressions, and analytical skills. Art schools have programs designed in a way to actually address various personality developmental aspects. One way or another, the positives of opting to experience art are plenty and each one is more effective than the other.