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The Art of Paper Sculptor

Kids have been fond of flying kites and of creating paper planes. Simple and innocent – these paper planes can be very easy to make. A basic origami, a simple draft fold, or some cutting, bending, more appeal folding and shaping-these are all the elements of a draft sculptor. Just when you think it is just paper and folding, lo and behold, the next thing you will see is an impressive paper art.

This is the art of manipulation of form with the goal of forming a 3D image or structure. An artist can use various techniques-curving, folding, shaping, or cutting. If he has the skills in origami, this can also be used in letter sculpture. Other artists also use embossing and other methods. The most beautiful solicitation sculptures are those which are bold and neat as this art places high regard on accuracy of details. Another technique can also be incorporated, which is paper mache. This can be used for bigger projects, wherein a card is used instead of the ordinary paper. This is most especially helpful for projects as they grow bigger in size. Other tools, such as wire and wood, can also be used to support the card or letter when needed.

Why paper?

It is one of the most ordinary things in our daily lives, but creating something beautiful out of it is extraordinary. You may have seen hundreds of drawings in your lifetime, made your own sketches in your spare suit, but paper sculptor is exceptionally different because you create something out of just papers.

Basically, a draft sculptor is an artwork that is created by combining or shaping various types of form and it needs precision and skills. Paper sculptures are made of several pieces of paper unlike origami which only uses one. This art mainly focuses on the cardboard itself and other elements are just tools.

Styles, Tools and Materials for Paper Sculpture

There are various styles of papery sculpture. It can range from realistic models of buildings, to 3D scenes and abstract art exhibits. What is unique with paper is that is a versatile material that allows the artist to apply his own techniques and create his own style. One of the most needed skill is cutting and this will allow the artist to create styles that are complex.

Basically, the tools and materials that are needed in paper sculpture have no restrictions. The artist is free to use anything he can see, as long as he thinks that these materials can add more aesthetic appeal and quality to his craft. An artist does not need a big investment on materials. The only secret tool in paper sculpture is creativity. A creative mind will take you a long way.

The art of letter sculpture requires preciseness and patience. Every artist knows this-from ensuring his working area is clean, his hands are free of dirt, and the use of minimal glue-every paper sculpture project should be treated carefully.